Empacto – The amazing synergies of sustainability and e-learning for businesses

Sustainability Training Blog

If there was any doubt that sustainability is an enduring part of the business agenda, now we should put this to rest. Business future is green and sustainability is THE supply system of a successful corporate structure and culture.

To train employees sustainably on sustainability, more HR developers are turning to e-learning and training platforms, such as Empacto. But what synergies can be created through e-learning in terms of sustainability? To find out, it’s worth taking a step back and examining the most insightful reports in the fields of “sustainability” and “e-learning.” By integrating these key learnings and trend analyses, executives and HR professionals can gain valuable and inspiring insights to champion the cause of sustainability through e-learning in their organizations. Here are the most thought-provoking papers I’ve come across recently. You’ll undoubtedly find them as challenging and inspiring as I have: